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About Us

About Starship Vessel Management Pvt.Ltd.

Starship Vessel Management Pvt.Ltd., the idea was conceived in August, 2015 and decided to start afresh with our own venture. The company began crewing activities with an aim to provide reliable shipping services to clients in India and Overseas. SVM offers Crew Management, Technical Management and Ship Broking to third-party clients worldwide. Our office is located in Mumbai, India. Mumbai being the hub for all business in India were selected for our office. SVM arguably can be termed as the unsurpassed source of Crew Management for Indian Flag / Panama Flag vessels etc. Our Team is managed by experienced professionals of Marine Industry with expertise in their respective fields. Our aim is to become reliable partners for our clients by providing consistent quality, timely delivery and building a professional work culture based on our experience, expertise and support from our worldwide affiliates. Within short span of time we have achieved confidence and support of our clients in the shipping / marine arena.


In keeping with the Vision and in order achieve the stated Mission; the Company has defined the following objectives:

  • Inculcate the values outlined in the Starship vessel management Code of Conduct throughout the organisation.
  • Create a safe, secure and healthy working environment for all personnel on board and ashore.
  • Meet market demands and maintain the Company's reputation as an effective and reliable Ship Manager
  • Support the Clients' opportunities by the satisfaction of their contractual expectations.
  • Minimise time off-hire caused by personnel or technical failures.

  • Achieve budgeted economic results, as necessary, to keep up safe and reliable services.
  • Comply with regulatory requirements to ensure safety in operation, including environmental protection.
  • Maintain Emergency preparedness both ashore and on board.
  • Continuously improve safety-management skills of personnel on board ships and ashore.
  • Take into account applicable codes, guidelines and standards recommended by Administrations, Classification Societies and related organisations in the maritime industry.

Our Services

Crew Management

Provide Crew Manning and Total Crew Management services as per clients requirement...

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Technical Management

Provide Technical Management, Technical Consultancy and Supply of spares / stores...

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Ship Brokage

The main purpose of our ship broking is to act as specialist intermediaries/negotiators...

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